Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Cardigan

Greetings to my guests - today is a slightly different post.

Some time ago I blogged about some clothes I had made for my grandchildren, 'Button' and 'Munchkin' as they are known in blogland.

In the last post I showed the start of Munchkin's cardigan - it is now finished.

Munchkin is just over 13 months old, but is a  tall, solid boy, so this was knitted to a 12 - 24 month old  sized pattern, with extensions as requested by his Mum!

I finished it with some rather delightful 'Smiley face' buttons

Which I hope you can see - I did a close-up photo of them, but as the flash went off they looked white...

And here is Munchkin modelling his cardigan, which the whole family is hoping he will still fit next winter.............

As you can see the cuffs are turned up and there is plenty of length in it. He was a bit tired when this photograph was taken, but over all he is a happy young man.

Thanks for calling in, and may your day be blessed.


  1. Omgosh no way you made this beautiful sweater. You are so talented that is amazing work. I have to say Munchkin is cuter than the cardigan hee hee Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs Bonnie

  2. Oh, how delightful, Maxine! I admire knitters. I've done very little in my life and always found it hard even though I'm totally intrigued by the art. I usually crochet. Bigger projects like this sweater is such a patience challenge. It's beautifully made, Maxine. What a special joy for you to make this and for your little Munchkin to enjoy and treasure!

    Have a blessed weekend!

  3. What a beautiful sweater..You are so talented.

  4. Hello Maxine - this is fabulous! You know, I hve knitted since I was 6 years old (good Kiwi upbringing!!) but siince card making it has taken a back seat - plus the fact that I have Carpel Tunnel and Nerve damage in my hands, which hindered things a bit! I do admire this and how adroable he looks in it!! I can't believe 13 months has gone by so quickly! {{{hugs}}}

  5. Your sweater is wonderful with lots of room to grow and he is just adorable!! What a real sweetheart little guy!

  6. Need to take a picture of Button modelling the other jersey huh!

  7. Wow! People who can knit really amaze me. It looks so hard. It's the one hobby I have never tried.

  8. The cardigan has been used every day since coming home! A few more days and it might be time for its first wash. Grin. Just love the shape, colour, and of course the buttons! He does try to rip it off when it is bath time, but then that happens to all other clothing items too in the rush to get to the bath!
    Love Amy

  9. What a cutie patootie!!!! I can't wait til I'm a grandma! However, I'm sad to say I could never make anything as special as this. Beautifully done! The shoes look knitted too. Did you make those as well?


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