Sunday, November 13, 2011

The sewing project.........

 Welcome - I trust you will enjoy a non-card related craft post this afternoon.
It all started appox. 12 months ago when a young friend announced her engagement, and I offered to make her wedding gown.....

So there was a shopping trip to a larger centre, and I came home with metres of chiffon, satin, lining, satin binding etc. 

A few weeks later I received the lace, which made me drool it was so beautiful.

There was another woman making the bridesmaids dresses, but her machine could not handle the chiffon, so I also ended up with some of the bridesmaids sewing to do too!

Four weeks ago I started with the chiffon 'shrugs'...

Then came the frock, and the fittings, and the alterations to ensure it was a good fit - all between trips back and forth between where she is living now, and here, for the bride, as she had some commitments there which were unavoidable.  Made for fun at times, but we persevered and had a good result.

One of the parts I really loved was working with the lace, and here is a view of it attached to the top of the bodice of the frock.

One of the last parts to be made was the train - of two layers of chiffon. This is a snap of just the end of it, 

after the metres and metres of
 hand stitching the bias to the inside.

And here is the finished product

And the box of scraps at the foot of my sewing machine, which has not done so much sewing for a very long time!!

And some photos of the big day - it was warm enough that the bridesmaids did not need to wear their shrugs..

On her father's arm....

The Vows

Presenting Mr Craig and Mrs Sheryl Hoare

The bridal party outside the church - just as it started to rain, and before everyone was posed......

I trust you enjoyed this post, and I will be back to stamping and paper-craft shortly.
May your day be blessed.


  1. What a beautiful gift you have given the bride on her special day Maxine - something she will never forget! Beautiful, I love the lace and all of your gorgeous touches - what a gifted lady you are!! Thank you for sharing thith us my friend! {{{hugs}}}

  2. How what beautiful work! Thanks for sharing all of the details and the loveliness! The shrugs turned out beautifully and would have been lovely atop those dresses. .and the bride's dress! Wow. So nice!

  3. What a shame it was too hot for the shrugs... gorgeousness Mum, well done you!

  4. Oh WOW! That is quite a job you did there! Sewing a wedding dress is impressive! I am just speachless!
    It looks beautiful, and the lace is so pretty! Do you have more hidden talents?

  5. Wow! You have done an amazing job on the bride dress and the shrugs. What an undertaking!!! The lace and fabric is indeed beautiful and it all turned out so perfectly xx

  6. Maxine, your exquisite creation is breathtaking! What a fabulous friend you are to undertake all this delicate work. Your seamstress skills are just top notch!

  7. Wow, wow, wow! Lovely wedding! Beautifully made, Maxine! Amazing amount of love and work went into all that!

  8. Wow! You must really like your friend to do this! What a lot of work! I made my daughter's wedding dress, and if I learned anything it was that I'd never do it again! You appear to be a much better sewer than I though, your work is beautiful!

  9. The dress and the wedding turned out beautiful! Congratulations Kim!!!

  10. are talented in so many ways. Beautiful!

  11. That is simply GORGEOUS! You did a BEAUTIFUL JOB!!! It brought back such sweet memories of when I decided I would sew my own gown for my wedding....same idea, except for me it was yards and yards vs metres and metres! LOL

    That gown is gorgeous and I am sure that young woman will remember you with sweet and fond memories all her days....well done...well done...

  12. It looks gorgeous, Maxine. I hope you (and your sewing machine) have had a nice rest since all your efforts! I imagine your wrists are pleased not to be doing any more hand stiching for awhile.

  13. Gorgeous! I think the bride is beautiful- what a wonderful project!!! Bless You!

  14. Hi Maxine! The dress is beautiful!! You sew so well. The bride looks so beautiful - it's such a lovely gift for her. You are amazing, Maxine!! {hugs}

  15. Wow! Beautifully made and such a lovely keepsakes!


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