Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Class Time Again

Oops - where has the time gone - I so intended to write more blog posts this month... but life has been busy.

Just recently we spent time visiting  family, where there are two special small people who occupy our time, and we have the third special little person visiting this coming weekend.

Button and Lil'M playing well together.

Yesterday I had my first card class for the year, and as usual we did two projects - both included bows, which was requested by some, and dreaded by others.

The first card was a valentines using the felted cardstock technique.

They all agreed that they would never look at paper napkins the same again! As ever, each card was unique, with numerous variations in the placement 
of the napkin on the panel, and ribbon.

I also added a few rhinestones to my sample.

The second card was a challenge for some as I got them to screw up some old dictionary paper - not just once but twice to really increase the texture!

The paper was then inked with the direct to paper method.

The top part of the card was a swing panel, which they were intrigued with.

And the bow was tied with a bow maker which several of the ladies had, but did not know how to use, hence the request.

I finished the card with these rhinestones so I could show how the I had used some part swirls and individual bling to make something different.

Thanks for visiting - may your day be blessed.


  1. Maxine, BOTH of those cards are just fabulous - but those grandbabies are over the top!!! SOOOOO CUTE! Glad you got some snuggle time in!

  2. Great cards Maxine. You would have had fun at the class making these. And your granddies are very cute.

  3. Oh look at you! These are dazzling! So much going on with both, the techniques look so inviting! Love your use of bling :) Blessings!

  4. Your grandchildren are so precious! I know you can't get enough of them!

    Both of your cards are just fabulous, I confess to using a bow maker to make my bows. Love your technique on the second card!


  5. Beautiful cards Maxine and two precious children!!! What a joy they must be!!!

  6. These are both wonderful cards Maxine. The swing panel is something different. A great idea.

  7. Hi Maxine,
    I hope the class went well. It looks like they would have all gone home with two beautiful cards! Amy

  8. How did you manage to get two such cute grandbabies!?!

  9. I would give up crafting for those cutie grandbabies too. The cards are stunning

  10. What beautiful grandchildren..
    and beautiful cards, loving that double bow and bling.

  11. Maxine, your "little people" are just too cute. Love both of your cards. Wish I lived near you, so I could take one of your classes. They sound like so much fun.

  12. Oh I hope one day to see the kids have kids so I can enjoy little ones too! You are so blessed!
    Loving your cards- the bling adds so much to the card- LOVE the card that opens up!


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