Friday, September 14, 2012

Novelty Scarf

Thanks for visiting, today I am sharing a slightly different craft.
I found some novelty yarn the other week and decided knit a scarf.
Not that difficult one would think, but I was deceived!!

The yarn was a variegated mesh, edged with silver.  And knitting it was a whole new ball game for this experienced knitter!!  I persevered and on the third attempt I finally 'made it'!!

This gives a better idea of how it drapes - and it is quite attractive. 
 I had decided that this was the one and only one I was going to knit, but then my daughter said she would like one...........

I went to find the wrapper to give the name of the yarn and I cannot find it - I think it was Filatura Di Crosa Moda Lame.

I am linking this to Inspire Me Fridays #76 - Anything Goes

Thanks for calling by - may your day be blessed.


  1. What a lovely scarf Maxine. Worth the work to get it finished.

  2. Well done Maxine - you are a woman of many talents! Such pretty colours! {{{hugs}}}

  3. Gorgeous scarf Maxine. I am hopeless at knitting. love the colours.
    hugs Maz

  4. This is soooo beautiful Maxine. :) I have very little experience with knitting or crochet, but I am so attracted to fibers that I find myself really wanting to learn this craft. :)

  5. It's gorgeous, Maxine, in my favourite colours too!

    Coincidentally, I found some very similar yarn recently (Hispaniola Ribbon Web Yarn), and have started trying to knit with it. As you say, it sounded simple when I read the instructions, but not so easy when I came to try it! Well done for persevering with yours. I don't think mine will be finished quite so soon!


  6. Ohhhhh - does this mean I WILL get my scarf after all?!?

  7. Lovely scarf Maxine. Beautiful style and colours. Luv Trish x

  8. It does look rather elegant! Those fancy yarns can be so nasty to knit though, can't they?!


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