Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Computer Issues

Thanks for calling in. 

If by any chance you are missing me, I am having some rather frustrating computer issues and will be lying low for a day or so until I can get them resolved..  

I will be back, and look forward to catching up with you then.


Bridget Larsen said...

I know the feeling, hope it gets fixed soon so I can craft with you vicariously through your blog

Shelly Schmidt said...

Computer issues stink! I hope your issues are resolved quickly!

Cathy A said...

Hope you manage to get your counter sorted soon.

Unknown said...

Hope you get them all sorted out Maxine.
Alicia xx

Grace said...

Oh so sorry Maxine! Just went through this myself and truthfully I still don't have everything right on the new one YET! Hope things can be resolved without having to buy a new one as setting it all up the same is a daunting task, to say nothing of a huge expense!