Wednesday, November 27, 2013



I had intended to post another card before now, but life has intervened in the meantime.
Firstly there was a calamity in the neighbourhood, which I became involved in.  This was traumatic,  and I lost my mojo somewhat.

Then there is the season - it is late spring here and it is warm, and we are also in a spell of warm weather, with frequent thunderstorms, so I have had a lot of 'outside' work and gardening. 

Here are some photos I took today of my gardens - and the storm clouds brewing.

The main vegetable garden.

A new garden with tomatoes and flowers

The roses!! well, some of them.

The storm clouds

Now some crafty news.
 I have my final guest DT spot with Challenges and Candies this Friday, so there will be a card published then.

On Sunday evening there is something VERY IMPORTANT (to me anyway) happening, and it will also be appearing here too.

I will leave you with that teaser.

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May your day be blessed.


  1. Life can really interfere with crafting. Hope you are over the calamity and all is well again. Your garden is looking good Maxine.

  2. Oh Maxine, I'm really wishing I was there to help you with all your upcoming gardening! Looks so pretty and know y'all will enjoy all the fresh veggies. The flowers are lovely!

  3. Sending prayers, Maxine that the Lord would continue to strengthen you (and keep your beautiful garden from being too distracting!) Hope the neighborhood situation has settled (if that's the right word). Love your photos. . .and can't wait to see what you've got in store! :-) Blessings!

  4. Are those beets in the background Maxine? Very nicely put together garden. Mine is a square foot gardening box, as well as tires stacked three high. Saves me bending. I've barely made it out of the yard but I did get back in, so much heavy snow.
    Blessings, Carole

  5. Sorry to hear about life stealing your mojo, I know how you feel, I lost my mojo in July after a traumatic happening too and slowly trying to get it back.
    Love the garden, looks so healthy, mine is dead and even the seedlings I planted have been eaten by something grrrr

  6. You are a tease! I look forward to reading your news on Sunday. Your garden is lovely, especially the roses. It looks like an English garden, and I do miss mine though ours was too big for us in the last few years.
    I hope your mojo has bounced right back. hugs. Kate x

  7. Oh dear friend, how wonderful you are able to delight in the simplicity and beauty of Gods world in the midst of tragedy.

    Love to you!! <3

  8. I just love your raised bed for the vegetable garden, it's something I should do to keep the critters out of mine!

    Your roses are so pretty! Hopefully the storm didn't bring anything other than rainfall.

    Hugs and blessings!

  9. Maxine your gardens are so awesome!! I wish I had a green thumb. Your roses are beautiful!!

  10. What gorgeous photos. Your flowers are beautiful. I want some of that late spring weather!!!
    Thanks for joining us in the Sassy Cheryl's Show Me Thursday fun!!


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