Friday, June 18, 2010

Cards with a difference!!

I have spent another few days with DD being a doting Grandma - and this time we did some card making together - but these are somewhat different cards!!

They were given a black and white card to sit beside Lydia when she is being changed, and before we traveled, DD asked if I could take my punches up, and explained why.  

Before I left here I made a card using a dark (Hunter) green base and some blue, white and yellow foam images on it, which Lydia enjoyed as soon as she set eyes on it, spending long minutes gazing at it!

When we arrived I was shown some black and white images that they had found on the internet here and had printed out. 

It was these that we made into cards.  We mounted them onto black card (one image on either side) and then laminated them.  Here is a selection of the cards ready for laminating.

In addition to these cards,  which have some thirty images, we made some other large (A4) sized ones using the punches.  The idea of these is that they can be attached to cot ends or in front of a car set or the like, rather than just beside a changing table or the like.

Again we kept to the simple black and white images, and made them double sided.  The shapes here were made using the punches I had taken with me, and the ones below using my colcuzzle cutting system.
As you can tell, this young lady has parents who are very keen on making sure she has the best possible start in every way!!  And a Grandma who will aid and abet them all the way.

Her cousin will also have a set of these cards in due time - I just hope his parents don't read this post.....

I do hope you have enjoyed this post about cards of a different nature, and please excuse the rather odd layout - blogger does not want to co-operate with me over this !!

Have a blessed day.


Lovely Linda said...

Hi Maxine - you have been a busy lady! These are great- I am sure Lydia will get hours of entertainment looking at them! You are such a lovely Mother and Grandmother Maxine - your family is blessed! Thank you for sharing - it is always a pleasure to visit you! {{{hugs}}}

Amy said...

Opps, his parent did just read the post. ;op But was going to comment and ask if he could possibly have some too, so is very excited at the prospect!

Anonymous said...

Opps, his parent just did read the post. ;op But was about to comment and ask if he could possibly have some too, so is rather excited at the prospect!