Saturday, May 14, 2011

Different projects

Yes I have been crafting, and here are some different projects that I have completed recently.  As a doting Gran to two beautiful grandchildren, I have been busy helping prepare for winter....

Here are a couple of projects I completed yesterday.

Although the children were born only three weeks apart, there is a distinct size difference at this point, as you can see from the dungarees!! I have also had to allow for the fact that one family uses 'clothie' nappies and one uses disposables, which are less bulky.

I couldn't help but add a wee bit of fancy stitching to DGD's!!

I was also able to find some adjustable buttons for the straps - far better than the velcro fastenings I used many years ago....

I have also completed a jersey for DGD 

And have started one for DGS!!

Unfortunately I have to pace myself when knitting as I am prone to RSI or OOS as it is also known - to put it mildly, it is a pain - or should I say 'character building'?

Thanks for visiting, and may your day be blessed.


  1. Well Maxine - you are truly amazing my friend! I love these overalls - your grandchildren are going to LOVE THEM!!! You constantly amaze me how many different talents you have! I love the fancy stitching - it is perfect! I used to know too - then came paper crafting.....and a bit of Carpel Tunnel and RSI - argggh! Thanks for sharing Maxine! Have a great day! {{{hugs}}}

  2. Yay for for dungarees, and the start of Munchy's cardy! :o)

  3. Oh - so excited, those dungeree's are SO cute (loving the ducks Mum) and I am thrilled with the jersey! So pleased we picked those colours, she's gonna look gorgeous in it! Will have to send photos of her wearing them, so you can blog it!

  4. Loving the ducks. I am frantically knitting ATM - dont use wool as its too hot for the "winter" here ha ha.
    I like the varigated yarns they make a plain jumper look so dressy!

  5. Wow, Maxine, your sewing is amazing!! I love the ducks!! Have a wonderful weekend.


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