Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dare taken!!

Welcome to my craft area - this is a one-off post written in response to a friend 'daring' me to share my work area, which she does on a weekly basis!

This is my desk, with equipment stored at either end and underneath.

This is the main work station with what I use most, closest to hand.

To the left

and to the right...........

Shelving behind me

and stuff on the floor 'coming to get me' as my DH says!

I do have a wonderfully light area and I love working in this space.

Thanks for calling in - may your day be blessed.


  1. Finally!!!! Sounds like you are doing the hokey pokey-to the left-to the right there lol. You certainly have a lot of stuff there and I love your desk and its sunny aspect. Now I want to see you here every Wednesday without fail!!!

  2. How cool to see where you create so beautifully Maxine - love all of your 'stash!' So many beautiful creations come from here - I love the view from your window - it is always inspiring to have a lovely view! Thanks for sharing Maxine!! {{{hugs}}}

  3. It's always interesting to see the space the people we know work in. Now I can picture there! Love how you positioned your work space in front of a window.

  4. Haha - yep, it's as messy as when we last visited ;-)!

  5. You have a fabulous work space and thanks for sharing! It is super to be facing out into the view of the garden and see the changing seasons. Lots of good storage space well organised but like all really creative beings you have overflow and that's the interesting bit as it makes me feel that I have kindred spirits in my own mess!!!
    Best wishes from a WOYWW friend of Bridget,

  6. I love your work area with the huge window! I always have one of those coming to get me piles on my floor as well but don't have the husband to bug me about it! tee-hee!!

  7. What a great workspace and what a fantastic view! Love that you can sit and craft and look out on your beautiful garden!

  8. You have a large area to craft, Maxine!! And lots of supplies ;) I don't think I have half as much...hehe. Thanks for the peek into where you work. Have a lovely day!


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