Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sleep suits

Welcome - where has the week gone - I was going to be more regular but I have been busy!!!

First there was a funeral, then family staying for the weekend after the funeral, then I was busy sewing for this wee girl, Button, aka my granddaughter.

Here she is lunching on spaghetti, sitting in the highchair that was renovated for her uncle 35 years ago!

Her Mum had asked me to make some sleep suits for her as she will not stay under blankets at night and is waking up through the night cold, so I have been focusing on that this week, and here are the results.

Mum wanted plenty of 'grow room' so a larger than needed pattern was used, and a tuck put in the sleeves and legs that can be let down when needed.

To ease the 'plainess' of the suits, I added a decal to one, and crocheted balloons to the other.

There was one hiccup that I did not anticipate, and that was that I needed 'Jiffy Dots' for the soles of the feet - I did not want to miss that, as the polar fleece would be very slippery on tiles. So I had to wait while this was ordered and arrived..

I am pleased with the outcome, and I trust Button will be too.

Thank you for visiting - may your day be blessed.


Lovely Linda said...

Wow - these are fabulous Maxine - love the special touches ansd those gorgeous feet~ I am sure your DGD is thrilled!! Thanks for sharing with us Maxine! {{{hugs}}}

Elizabeth said...

They look great - we're looking forward to getting them though, tonight it's meant to get down to 3oC!

I know which one she'll like best 'Pooh'!!!!!

That is a cute photo of my girl!

Shelly Schmidt said...

Wow Maxine- you are multi-talented (I knew that already....!). Love your projects- the growth tucks are neat and love the crocheted accents and 'Pooh'!

Bridget Larsen said...

You are amazing, such a jack of all trades, I love those leggings, I have given up sewing and crocheting and knitting because of my thumb operation.

Gunn (MsPlum) said...

WOW! These are faboulos Maxine! You are so good with the sewing machine! They look like they where professionally made - such a lucky little girl! Your crochet ballons are so cute!


Dawn T said...

these are awesome Maxine. And I bet Button gets a good nights sleep in them.

Unknown said...

Well done. These look great. You are clever and creative in so many ways!

Kary said...

Your sewing is Fantastic, Maxine!! I LOVE these, I'm sure little Button is going to enjoy wearing them. {hugs}

Jan Marie said...

These are just incredible, Maxine!! You are a gifted seamstress, no question at all! I'll bet they are treasured and thankfully you've made them to fit for a while so Button won't have to be extricated from them anytime soon!

Unknown said...

What a beautiful little girl! You must be so proud and fabulous jumpsuits!! A very talented lady!! Luv Trish x