Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Garden glory!

Welcome - on this warm but damp day.

Being midsummer here in the Antipodes it means I am spending a fair amount of time in the gardens, in particular the vegetable garden, .

This morning I picked peas before the rain started

I stood shelled them, and discovered I had two cups of peas - the biggest picking so far.

While I was outside I had also planted over 40 leeks, ready for winter

I planted them in what was originally a flower garden, but I figured I can't eat flowers, so when I ran out of room in my main garden this was converted to vegetable duties a couple of years ago - there are still some shrubs there, but they seem to co-habit quite well.

I plant my leek seedlings by dropping them into a hole made with an old broom handle and just leave them there to take root - I don't press the earth over them - the main problem is birds pulling them out, as they love foraging in this particular garden.

This is a photo of the main garden - the white patch is the cloth over the newly planted carrot seed - this way they don't get dug up by cats or eaten by birds - you can keep them under the cloth until they are 3-4 cm tall.

This is a view  from the other end - the tall plants are spring onions, which are taller than the pea plants behind them - some one thought they were baby leeks!!

So if you are wondering where I have been, or if I mention my garden in a post, you can now picture where I have been.

Thanks for calling by and sharing this part of my creative journey.

May your day be blessed.


  1. Maxine, your garden is GORGEOUS!!! So well maintained and know you get so many goodies from it! We've never planted leeks before - but know that they're similar to onions. Great little batch of peas too - and know they'll be yummy! It's so hard looking at the beauty of this garden when we're in the dead of winter around here! Hopefully we'll have some spring type weather soon though.

  2. Gosh your garden looks good this year...

  3. Maxine, thanks for giving us a glimpse into your garden. It's gorgeous!! Those peas look so yummy. There's nothing like fresh grown vegetables.

  4. WOW!!! Look at your garden!! It's so tastefully beautiful.. . .fresh produce is the BEST. . .nice raised beds. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Your garden is looking very lush and productive!

  6. Dear Maxine
    How wonderful to get a taste of summer:) Here in Norway we are in the middle of winter, and there is ice an snow everywhere. Allthough I enjoy the winter, I always look forward to the spring which is my absolute favourite time of the year. Thank you so much for your lovely words, you are so kind:)
    I wish you a beautiful day:)
    Hugs May Brit

  7. Although, I wouldn't be eating any of the peas, that garden is luscious!!! You have such a green thumb! Do you use that term in Australia? It has been so cold here and just makes me want my gardening days back!!!

  8. WOw!! I'm in absolute awe of your gardens! What a smorgasboard and bountiful feast you have - love the system of irrigation and little sprouts, this is beautifully photographed! Your peas look absolutely scrumptious! As a vegetarian, your post has me drooling! x0x0

  9. Your garden is awesome Maxine and beautiful photos.

  10. what a great garden Maxine. It is so bountiful. I wish I could have this space, instead of just a little tub with three tomatoes!!!!

  11. WOW- amazing garden! It looks like you will be feasting on many yummy veg's- I love peas! I always have trouble of some sort in the Spring...the neck or the allergies...so I have not have a garden in a few years- just tomatoes!

  12. Your garden looks wonderful. I think we will end of having a small garden this year. My husband has become a vegetarian...(Not me...smile) Would make it so much better for him to have his own garden.

  13. What a wonderful garden! Hooray for all of those delicious peas too! Your garden is lovely and I can tell that you do a lot of work to get it that way. Our season is so short this far north, it's difficult to grow much of anything. Someday we will live in a place with a longer growing season and enjoy more gardening. Your garden is a marvel!

  14. Maxine, I've seen mention of your garden... so nice to actually see pictures. I think it's lovely and better yet, you get to have the yummy fresh veggies from your labors. Thanks for sharing this piece of your life. ;D Hugs!

  15. Oh Maxine, thanks so much for this post! Your garden is beautiful and gives me hope of coming Spring. Your peas are gorgeous and I can almost taste them!


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