Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Maintenance rescheduled

Yes - I am still here.

I was about to be taken to theatre when I was told there was no anaesthetist available (they had five off, and another went off just before my 'turn').  

I was not happy, but I did get a ride back to my home town as there was another patient to be transferred.

The ambulance driver had a sense of humour, and put the siren and lights on as he drove up our drive 

I wonder what the neighbours thought!!

So I live to blog another day, sooner rather than later.

May your day be blessed.


Lovely Linda said...

How frustrating Maxine - I hope you are able to get things sorted soon! You are in my prayers my friend! {{{hugs}}}

Jeanette (Forest Ranger) said...

I'm so sorry about the cancellation, which means you have to go through all this again. UGH!

Love the ambulance driver's attempt at humor, though.

jimlynn said...

Bless your heart!!!!!!!!!!

mamapez5 said...

How very frustrating for you. I hope you don't have to wait too long for rescheduling.Kate x

Lynne K said...

Sorry to hear that, Maxine. Not good when you've got yourself all psyched up for it. I hope it can be rescheduled very soon.

Lynne x

Karen Letchworth said...

Hi Maxine:

Sorry for the inconvenience, but please know that you have been in my prayers. I love you as my Sister in the Lord, and will keep you in my prayers. I am also having surgery September 17 to repair my right rotator cuff (shoulder) and will be out of commission for a while as well. I wish we could have had our maintenance together and recuperated together with LOTS of ice cream!!!
I will continue to pray for you, and please keep me posted. Hugs to you from Las Vegas!

Dawn T said...

how annoying Maxine. Have you got a new time? Take care.

Elizabeth said...

So pleased it has been rescheduled and sorted out now... but sad we won't make it down for a visit this time :-(!

Maybe we can work something in and around Labour Weekend? See how you're feeling (no pressure).

Bridget Larsen said...

That sucks, surely they knew how many operations they would have and plan for that. Hope all goes well when it happens

Gemiel said...

So sorry to hear that your maintenance had to be rescheduled, but I'm sure the ambulance ride rolling up to your house with sirens and lights was a hoot. Probably scared your neighbors though LOL. Keep us posted so we can keep youlifted in prayer during the procedure. Blessings!

JD/ Jill said...

So sorry you had to go through that...I know how I get myself all worked out about things like that...and then just want to get it over with...but to have to reschedule...that had to be so frustrating...Hope it works out for are in my thoughts and prayers.