Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Introducing Ethel and Arthur


A change of pace today - my first love for many years on the craft spectrum was embroidery, and in the past 12 months I have renewed my membership in the local Embroiderer's Guild.

This year is the national bi-annual conference of the Embroiderer's Guilds, and there is a theme given that the guilds can create a banner for, as one of the competitions/exhibitions.

We chose to create a Noah's Ark as our interpretation of the theme. Each member was able to select from a range of animals sketched onto some fabric by our talented co-ordinator of the project, and we were also given a small image of the animal.

After collecting my critters, I did some research, compliments of Mr G**gle, and printed out some more images.

I then searched my stash and selected my colours - just a note, some of my stash has been around for a while, and I discovered to my dismay part way through the project, that ordering the same thread number did not ensure I had the same shade of colour when it arrived!

I learnt in my researching that  Rhino's hide is actually VERY rough, in patches looking like huge warts - I was not keen to try to replicate that, so went with an overall texture

I started with the feet and legs and worked up from there

Adding some rib 'shadows' along the trunk

And making sure the eyes, horns and ears were stitched with enough contrast not to 'loose' them

I also learned that Rhinos have a wee tassel on the end of their tails - who would have knowed!

So here in all her glory is Ethel

Followed closely by Arthur - who found a new mud puddle to wade in, but Ethel would not let him stop, so hence he only got partially submerged, and it shows.  Well that's my story, and I am sticking to it!!

And here is the banner all but finished, with Ethel and Arthur, Snip and Snap (the geese), Slither and Slide (the snakes) Jumbo and Nellie, Fanny and Flinn (the flamingos), and Jemima and Jimmy (the Giraffes)... and company!!  
The names were given by the various members who stitched them when on a weekend retreat. 


froebelsternchen said...

OMG! I am over the moon thrilled with this embroidery ! You all did an AMAZING job! I love your rhinos Maxine! Heavenly!
Hugs, Susi

Gerrina said...

Wow this is something else; what a lot of hours you have been stitching! And they all look so great! This really is a stunning artwork!
Hugs, Gerrina

aussie aNNie said...

WOW Maxine, so love this, honestly if it were on my bed I'd be happy...fabulous work...hugs to you.xx

jimlynn said...

I'm almost speechless! WOW!!!! Maxine, this is sensational. Just amazing with all those tiny stitches and yet so life like looking. WOW once again!

MiamiKel said...

Oh my goodness, Maxine!! This is absolutely gorgeous - you are multi talented! This is so detailed, such a vision - what an absolutely magnificent embroidery - right down to the little paws!! just WOW!!!

JD/ Jill said...

Wow! Wonderful work! Can't imagine all the time that went into making this!

I had the same thing happen to me with yarn. It was supposed to be a yarn that you didn't have to worry about the dye lot! NOT!
I was crocheting baby dresses ( eons ago) I managed to get most of the dress done and ran out of yarn...when I went to buy the supposed NO DYE LOT needed it didn't match. (I wanted to cry)

Jeanette (Forest Ranger) said...

Oh my goodness!!! Oh. my. goodness. Such talent!!! Your rhinos are fabulous!!!

brenda said...

What superb needlework Maxine and the animal names really gave me a smile, such fun.

B x

Loll said...

WOW! Your rhinos are amazing Maxine. Your embroidery skills are over the top incredible. Thanks for sharing the finished project --- STUNNING! xx

SewPaperPaint said...

Maxine, I'm really happy to see you returning to a former love. A change of pace is often the best creative medicine. I adore these guys and the whole banner is incredible! What fun it must have been to sit and do this together. Big hugs, Autumn

Darnell said...

Thank you for sharing this remarkable work of fabric art, Maxine! It's a stunning piece and I just love that the critters were all given names! You did a fabulous job with Ethel and Arthur!! Hugs, Darnell

Dawn T said...

Amazing Maxine. The texture on the Rhino's is stunning. Very cleverly done.

Brenda said...

Wow Maxine, this is amazing! First off I am totally loving Ethel and Arthur and loved that everyone named their critters. Secondly, wow, look at that embroidery!!! So much detail, I'm stunned, impressed and oh so envious because I could never do anything like that! lol The whole thing with all the critters is amazingly beautiful! You had me laughing at the "mud" story. Good story and glad you are sticking with it. Nope, different dye lots-and if you have a dye lot on your thread, you need to order by that too to get the correct color. Same with yarn. I still think Arthur looks fabulous despite the "mud". Hugs, Brenda

MaryH said...

Maxine, this is just AWESOME work! Your stitching is perfection (and I used to try to embroider by hand, and never got such smoothness & dimension) and I love how you've created the shading with varying color and stitches too. This is indeed a labor of love, and so impressive. Bet you enjoyed the change of pace, going back to embroidery/crewel. You should be justly proud of the finished piece! TFS

MariLynn said...

Oh wow. What a talent. This pair is amazing. Love how you couple look with their friends and cruise mates. I'm impressed. Blessings.

Fran said...

Maxine I am so impressed with your talents. Ethel and Arthur look amazing! And the quilt is beautiful. Hugs, Fran

Shelly Schmidt said...

WOW, WOW, WOW!!! Just too cool!!!

mamapez5 said...

I read this post when you first did it, and I loved it. Your rhinos are amazing. That style of embroidery never came easily to me. I think you put a lot of work into making Arthur and Ethel so special. The whole banner is beautiful. As you say 'sometimes life gets in the way', and I never managed to comment at the time, but I had to come back for another look today. Kate x