Thursday, September 16, 2010


Hello to you all, and thank you for visiting.  I am displaying a change of craft today.  

My 'mojo' deserted me earlier this week, so I finished a project that has been in the making for so long that I had to return to my books to do some of the basics. Ooops!!  

I am pleased with the outcome, although annoyed with myself for pulling a thread on the edge as I removed the lace from the pillow.

The thread used was a pearle 8 - oh, the tail will straighten out, it is still 'curly' as the thread has not been long off the bobbins.

I tried to get a slightly larger image, but if I make it larger, the image goes off the page - frustrating!!  Ah - a bit of tinkering, and here is something a bit better as far as the detail goes.... I hope :-)

Thanks for calling by - may your day be blessed.


Jennie said...

This is beautiful, lovely job on this bookmark. Wish I could learn how to do this... :o)

Lovely Linda said...

Maxine, you are so talented - this is beautiful! I love this bookmark and have a similar one in my Bible!! You have many gifts and ir is great seeing them displayed here! Love it! Thanks for sharing! {{{hugs}}}

Melisa Waldorf said...

Oh wow!! Gorgeous book mark!

Bridget Larsen said...

it is exquisite Maxine, lovely work you do

paige said...

This is extraordinary! What a beautiful creation Maxine!