Monday, August 15, 2011

Snow and Knitting

Good afternoon to you all.

It has been a most unusual day here - it has snowed, and in the first fall before 7:00a.m. there was enough on the ground for snowballs to be thrown!! (I was not up then, I might add, but my neighbour told me of it).  The next fall lasted just on on hour and started about 8:00a.m.

And although I took the camera outside, I only took video footage!

The cold and snow went as far north as Auckland, and my daughter wrapped herself and her daughter in their "Gran jerseys"

The Aran jersey my daughter is wearing is one that I knitted for her some sixteen years ago - the jersey her daughter is wearing was the one I knitted earlier this year!

This photo was taken this morning just before they headed out to Playcentre.

Thanks for calling by - may your day be blessed.


  1. You can tell I am not fully awake then!

  2. It's amazing isn't it, that it snowed today. Such a sweet photo of your daughter & granddaughter. Your granddaughter is SO adorable. Maxine, you knit so beautifully!!

  3. Knitting is ia timeless art Maxine and these gorgeous jumpers clearly show us why! Fabulous - I know aran jumpers are not easy! I knitted since I was 6 years old and sadly due to nerve damage and now cardmaking - knitting is no longer happening for me! Love to see it here! God bless you my friend - your family are gorgeous! {{{hugs}}}

  4. Wow! I can't believe it snowed where you are already! How depressing. I can't even bear to think of snow. It seems we've barely just had summer here.

  5. Beautiful are one talented lady! Nice family you have! :)

  6. I SO admire your knitting skills...beautiful work!!

  7. I can hardly imagine living where it snows. I have been in the south in the heat for so long. Perfect sweaters for that weather and they are beautifully knitted!


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