Thursday, June 14, 2018

What a Week!


I had intended to be back before this, but it's been quite the week!

Tuesday was wet and cold, and I had gone out to have a day at my local embroidery guild, hoping to finish my part of a group project.  I left some of my equipment behind, and when I came home to get it, there was a parcel in the letter box - thankfully the postie had put it where it was sheltered, but I was glad to be home to bring it inside sooner rather than later.

The parcel was from Mia of Craftartista blog, as part of her first blogaversary.

What a range of beautiful goodies she had packed up - and I was one of ten or twelve 'winners'.

Love these wee stitched wooden ornaments, and the chocolates did not last long 😏

The coffee was a total and very pleasant surprise!!  Love a good cup of coffee, and I have several friends lining up to share it too!  The ribbon is very pretty, and those black labels are so dramatic.

Love this embossing folder, and the snowflake bling, hearts and sparkle washi tape.

The ring. filigree corners and earrings are beautiful, and I look forward to trying the glue glitter pens.

So looking forward to using these doilies too.

Thank you Mia, this was a bright spot in a difficult week!!

Late on Monday evening I had noticed a slight visual disturbance in my left eye - by Tuesday evening I was quite concerned as I had flashing lights and 'cobwebs' there.  Wednesday I contacted my doctor, and long story short I ended up at the Eye Clinic at the 'base' hospital an hours drive away.  
Turns out it is part of ageing, and a relatively normal process that often gives no symptoms, but in my case which is not unusual, the retina was being tugged at which was what was causing the disturbances. Worst case scenario is a detached retina, but thankfully I have dodged that bullet.

Moral of the story - don't get old!!  

Moral 2 - have great neighbours - mine basically gave up her whole day to ferry me both locally, and when my family couldn't help, up to the base hospital.  Then she and her husband  'fed' me before they let me come home, and checked up on me this afternoon in case I needed to go back!!  Thankfully it is improving, but my computer time will be limited for a day or so!


Dawn T said...

What a week Maxine, Take care of yourself. Hope the eye is improving. Rest up!

Mia said...

Goodmorning, Maxine. Take care of your eye and I am sure that everything will be OK. Please follow your own advice and STAY YOUNG in your heart! Congratulations to your neighbours for their kind help.
And: I am so glad that you like my gifts to you, my kind friend. Each one is especially chosen just for you, my lovely lady. Enjoy your goodies! And thank you very much for participating in my 1st Blogaversary candy. Hugs from Greece!

Mac Mable said...

What great neighbours you have Maxine x It must have given you a fright, but so glad everything is OK.....'Just' getting old!!! The wonderful parcel from Mia must have been a lovely surprise for you and how generous of her x Take time to recover and sending love and hugs x

froebelsternchen said...

Oh please take care of your eye dear Maxine! Sounds wonderful to have such kind neighbours! Your parcel sent by Mia is a pleasure - my gosh she sent so much love out and such beautifu things to us all! She is a sweetheart !

Look after yourself!

jimlynn said...

You really DID have week to remember! I love all the goodies you got and think that's wonderful. The eye......YIKES! Hope that gets better quick. You really don't want a detached retina for sure I know. Yes, getting older is the total pits I know. Hang in there and just rest that eye for a while.

sharon said...

Maxine, Glad to hear that your eye is going well and yes we also have fabulous neighbours like yourself.
What a lovely surprise, it looks like your going to have loads of fun and be very busy :)
Take care.
sharon :)

SewPaperPaint said...

What fun Maxine! Congrats on your win. Chocolates don't last long in my neck of the woods either! LOL! Enjoy and hugs, Autumn

Sylvia said...

What a lovely surprise from Mia.I can image you were happy with it.I also would have been concerned,if I had this with my eyes.Take care.Such a sweet neighbours,Maxime.

Gr,Sylvia x

brenda said...

What a lovely collection of goodies to receive Maxine. Please your eye wasn't more serious, I've had the same a few times and it can be quite scary, also a detached retina once, but you can never be too careful with eyes and best to check.

B x

MariLynn said...

What a lovely prize parcel. So many pretties. I am so sorry for your eye troubles. Thankful that you have good neighbors and friends Saying prayers for you. Blessings.

Glennis F said...

Sorry to hear about your eye Maxine, I hope you have a speedy recovery.
Fantastic goodies too - well done!

Brenda said...

I have seen where there are quite of few of you who won the blog candy Maxine and what a cool mix of goodies you all won! Love everything and yes, the coffee is a nice surprise for you all! I love everything! I'm sorry to hear about your eye, at first I thought you were going to say you had an ocular migraine. Glad it wasn't that, and so glad that your retina didn't detach. Getting old ain't for sissies is it?!!! If only we could prevent aging. lol Stay well my friend and rest that eye! Hugs, Brenda

Wendy Nicola Jackson said...

What a wonderful surprise after a full on week! Lovely treats each one. Enjoy them hun, you deserve it xoxo

aussie aNNie said...

Forever young, Maxine, take care of those precious eyes, sending big hugs.xx

Gerrina said...

Looks like you can have fun with these a long time! Congrats and enjoy making things with all of this! Enjoy your weekend!

Monica said...

Oh Maxine, sorry you went through such a trial but am grateful that your neighbours were kind and caring at such a time.

How lucky to receive such lovely goodies. Enjoy them.

Love and take care of yourself,


Chris Lally said...

"Getting older is not for the fainthearted," according to my mother. And she was right again!
So glad you received good news from the eye doctor, and that you have been blessed with wonderful neighbors.
And congratulations on your lovely goodie box from Mia! She is a sweetie!

JD/ Jill said...

How scary that had to have been for you. Hope all is fine now!
Wonderful bunch of goodies that you have there!

Margaret said...

Glad to hear that you are doing okay and so nice to have friends and neighbors you can count on. What a great haul you got in your package. It looks like a little bit of everything. Have fun with all your goodies.

Lovely Linda said...

Hi Maxine - what a week you have had - I am prayng for you my friend! Love your Happy Mail and am sure we will see it on your projects. Take care xo

Loll said...

Take care Maxine and rest those eyes! I'm sure being on the computer a lot adds to the stress. So take a long break and hopefully you'll be back to seeing clearer soon!

What a wonderful gift from Mia. Lots of goodies (both crafting, fashion and eating --- awesome!).

Sending hugs. xx

Monika Reeck said...

Hope your eyes is ok
I run and reading fast
and I want to say lucky you that GIFTS all are adorable and YUMMMMYY
hope you are okay and nice neighbours you have..