Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuesday's tattle :-)

Nothing to actually show today - the days have been taken up with mundane things like housework!!
What craft I have done has been either knitting, or today it was cross stitch.

The project I am working on is an autumnal scene of 62,000 stitches.  It is one that I have had 'on the go' for over two years, but this year has shown some progress as I spend most Tuesdays with a friend, deliberately working on it.  The story behind taking on such a
project is that my DH saw the picture in a catelogue, and liked it, so I rashly said I would stitch it for him.....  It is a Mystic Stitch design called Autumn Peace (http://www.mysticstitch.com/detail.aspx?ID=82)

As DH is not in the best of health, it is a bit of a standing joke between us that I may not finish it before he departs this life!!

Thanks for reading my blog, and I do love it when you leave a comment to say that you have been.


Lovely Linda said...

Hello Maxine - it seems you can set your hand to anything and everything!! Isn't it a shame that housework creeps up on you until you can ignore it no longer! LOL! I hope you will take a photo of the cross stitch when you finish it!! Thanks for sharing! God bless you! {{{hugs}}}

Laurie said...

Hi, Maxine! Happy belated birthday. It's so much fun when someone else has the same bday as yours! By the way, my uncle is from New Zealand...met my aunt while he was traveling the USA. Ever hear of Turangi or Rotarua?

Elizabeth said...

You'd better finish it before Dad 'departs this life' as you so delicately put it ;-)! I think Dad will hang around a while yet - he's a stubborn old cout!!!!!!