Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Grandma Again

A warm 'hello' to my cyber visitors :-)

I am thrilled to be able to say that once again I have been blessed to become a Grandma - this little fellow was born sooner than expected, and he and his Mum have had a rough start to their relationship! Thankfully with prayer and great medical care, they are recovering well.
This photograph was taken just half and hour after his birth, in his father's (DS's) arms.   Michael Gordon Jesse was given a medical hurry-up to arrive due to our DIL having complications at the end of her pregnancy.

We were able to visit them yesterday and he is a real little honey - the following photograph shows him in his Grandma's arms, with Poppa stroking his cheek
He was fairly sleepy, but that is understandable!!!  But I did have the privilege of changing  him later in the day, and his lungs work well as he did not appreciate the invasion of his cosy cocoon!!  
He has also discovered his thumb!! So when Grandma was being a meanie and changing his clothes he resorted to self comfort!!

Now we are home again and it is back to the house work and cardmaking - before the next visit.

Thanks for calling in - have a great day.!!

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Anonymous said...

The first photo was actually half an hour after birth, not 1.5 hours ;o)
Just thought I would set the record straight on that one :o)

See you in a couple of days :o)