Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I am a proud Grandma

Thank you for visiting my blog - I seems ''forever'' since I did a new post as I have been away from home for more than two weeks, and have another week to go. I am so glad that I traveled with my computer!!

The grand-baby I was awaiting when I made the thank you cards of the previous post arrived on the 1st of May without any complications, and only a few days past her due date.  It was a real joy to be there during my DD's labour and the birth of Lydia Grace Edna!!
This photo was taken just and hour and a half after her birth!!

DD is now home and she, Lydia and SIL are all enjoying each other and the new responsibilities of being family.  Meantime I have taken on the more mundane tasks of running the house, and changing dirty nappies - DD thinks that is a great take on parenting, and I am besotted enough to do it willingly :-).

The second photograph was taken this morning at the start of day 5.

We are all fascinated by the dark hair - both her parents were fair as wee ones, although there are one or two dark haired folk in the extended family.... quite unexpected really.  Of course we realise it could all change!! 

Thank you for bearing with this besotted Grandma and her bragging ... and for your visit - I do love seeing that you have visited.


Lovely Linda said...

Awwww - I can almost smell her - Maxine she is adorable! Congratulations Maxine - Lydia is a blessed girl having you and Kelson as Grandparents - Christian heritage is such a blessing in a child's life! I can't wait to see more! COngratulations to your daughter and SIL too! Thanks for sharing Maxine - it is exciting for us 'Cyber Aunties!' LOL! {{{hugs}}}

Jeanette said...

This picture of mother and child is just precious. Congratulations to everyone on the beautiful new arrival to your family.

Laura Kirste Campbell said...

Huge Congratulations, Maxine!! Oh, what a lovely family you have. Gorgeous Lydia!!

Happy Mother's Day to both of you Mommies!

Anonymous said...

I hope you have had a lovely Mother's Day, Grandma!
Proud Aunty. :o)

Grace said...

Hi Maxine! Thanks for keeping us up to date with all the events! It's so special to see a new life come into this world! We ALL love babies!!! Your new little one is so adorable and I know you are just beside yourself with joy! Just FYI, my DD was born with RED hair, and quite dark at that. It surprised me too as I am blonde and my hubby was too as a child. Well... by about 1 year she was strawberry blonde and by 2 a real platinum blonde.... it sure changed a lot in those first couple of years!

Enjoy the time you have left to help DD and enjoy that baby! Soon there will be another little one to welcome! Many blessings in your home!!!