Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Desk.- again

Welcome - and thanks for calling

I have succumbed to Bridget's prodding again and have shared my work desk.

There is no project on it, as I had finished and tidied up.  There are an experimental couple of strips on the top left of the desk pad that still has to be finished.

 I liked the effects on my scratch paper from all the sponging I have done, so I took a close-up of it.

The five squares of colour on the top is where I tested the colours on a rainbow pad, trying to find the 'right' brown - there are also smudges of brown down the side from the same quest.

So that is my desk, Bridget, and it is still Wednesday.

Thanks for popping in - may your day be blessed.


Gunn (MsPlum) said...

Looks lovely! I Would love to make something out of your colorful scratch paper :)

Little Birdie Blessings said...

Looks great Maxine, lots of happy work takes place there I'm sure. Thanks for sharing. ~ Abby

Amy Johnson said...

The sign of a true artist!

Unknown said...

Wow! It looks so arty!! The ink and the paint looks delicious! I might come over and play : )
Alicia xx

Becky said...

Great space for creating Max.. :)

Kary said...

It's hard to keep a clean desk when you are constantly creating. I haven't the courage to take a photo of mine - I have markers, adhesives, punches, etc crowding my desk. ;)