Friday, March 19, 2010

A different creation!

Greetings to all who visit - I am pleased to see you call by :-)

Today I have been in the kitchen, not the studio, decorating DH's 70th Birthday cake.  I made and applied the base icing earlier in the week - I love making and using this 'plastic icing' - must do it more often!!  

Today it was onto the detail - I rolled 70 small balls from the balance of the icing and placed them on the top of the cake - then made up some blue icing to pipe the writing.... as you may be able to tell, DH loves cricket, hence the theme and the final comment.

I used 7 candles - one for each decade.  The celebration is on Sunday with family and friends.

Thanks for calling by for a different posting.

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Lovely Linda said...

Happy Birthday Kelson - what a blessed man he is having you as a wife! This is a gorgeous creation and definitely from the heart!! Celebrate BIG Maxine!! Thanks for sharing your gorgeous 'work from the heart!' Love it! God bless you and Kelson! {{{hugs}}}